jadis composee par l'abstracteur de quinte essence

Beuveurs tresillustres, & vous Verolés tresprecieux (car à vous, non à autres sont dédiés mes escriptz)


silvia pinal
i first saw her as the devil in buñuel's simón del desertio . i was seduced and amazed. later i saw viridiana and el ángel exterminador. she's been in so many movies in mexico that i've never seen, but there are lots of lobby cards for sale on ebay. i like her lost look and her stern looks too.
giulietta masina
dangerously open in la strada and le notti di cabiria, she is you, spry and hopeful.
anouk aimée
i loved her in la dolce vita, so wry and elusive, even more in 8 1/2, uneasy and betrayed, but dignified, reserved, stunning. i was happy to see her in the recently restored lola, charming as ever.
jean-pierre léaud
i'm sorry if you find it predictable and retarded, but i love so many of his movies, how he mumbles through quatre cents coups, falls into alphaville, and parades around week end. mostly i liked him in baisers volés and la maman et la putain, though there are a lot of his films i've yet to see. when will le pére noël a les yeux bleus come out on dvd?
anna karina
obvious again, but watching her in vivre sa vie, as odile in band à part, in alphaville, le petit soldat, really anything, i'm always lost.
laura betti
i first saw her in la dolce vita and just thought she was loud. since then i've seen her in a lot of pasolini's films, as the wife of bath and a desdemona puppet. extra-super.
delphine seyrig
so serene and charmante. i think of her most in baisers volées.
paulette goddard
if you've seen her as the gamine in modern times with those crazy eyes and all that energy, you'll know what i mean. too bad i missed the restored prints of renoir's diary of a chambermaid at the castro.
annie girardot
i only remember her from rocco and his brothers but she was extra charming with alain delon.
alain cuny
i liked him most at the organ in la dolce vita, grave and quiet. seems like he was a little creepy in emmanuelle.
marcello mastroianni
amazingly charming and ridiculous. the easy ones are la dolce vita, 8 1/2 and divorce, italian style
keanu reeves
where did i read that he insisted on playing mercutio in a stage production of romeo & juliet? he reminds me of a question on a test, which implied that a method actor wasn't better than an imitative actor if the audience couldn't sense the method actor's feelings. at his best in bill and ted's excellent adventure, strangely dull in my own private idaho and thereafter.
dita parlo
radiant, truly, and sometimes generously petulant, but always amazing. you must have seen her in l'atalante and la grand illusion.
michel simon
well, if you like french cinema, you know all about it anyways, but he made a career as a persistant outcast with a heart of something anyways. père jules in vigo's l'atalante and boudu in renoir's boudu sauvé des eaux, not to mention a part with maria falconetti and antonin artaud in dreyer's la passion de jeanne d'arc.