jadis composee par l'abstracteur de quinte essence

Beuveurs tresillustres, & vous Verolés tresprecieux (car à vous, non à autres sont dédiés mes escriptz)


these are cool when they get a little too warm, before they melt, and they get kind of chewy.
nestlé crunch
what i usually get at the corner store.
scharffen berger - semisweet 62%
berkeley, ca. chocolate bar. nothing fancy but extra good all the same.
scharffen berger - bittersweet 70%
berkeley, ca. chocolate bar. i like this fine, but most people tell me it's too much.
scharffen berger - porcelana 75%
berkeley, ca. chocolate bar. kicks ass.
french chocolate maker. i like any of their bars except the white- and milk-chocolate. try the ~60% with hazelnuts.
callebaut - baking chocolate
belgian chocolate maker. closed their store in san francisco. no more huge blocks of baking chocolate for me.
michel cluizel - amer aux oranges
smooth and all goodness. with orange bits.
michel cluizel - amer aux grue
more goodness. with crunchy cocoa nibs.
michel cluizel - single origin bars (from santo domingo, venezuela, sao tome, etc.)
um, these are the best, and for $5, what more could you ask? each one tastes amazing and totally different from the rest. best to buy one or two of each and sit around with your brother and a bottle of whiskey.
la maison du chocolate - coro 100%
um, what the hell is this? how does it stick together? bitter as anything. melt and add sugar or flake on something that needs some badness.
nestlé butterfinger minis
stick to your teeth sugary goodness. at the movies i get these half the time.
nestlé raisinettes
unless i'm eating these.
nestlé kit kat
my standard at the drug store. weird chocolate. good as they melt.
teuscher - assorted truffles
swiss truffles, nut clusters, nougats, etc. their cocoa truffle most of all. stores all over the u.s.. also, fructose truffles for diabetics.
vosges haut chocolat - exotic truffles
chicago based truffle boutique has lots of fancy flavors. chef pascal for me.
la maison du chocolat - assorted dark chocolate box
faerie queen (castro st. s.f.) - boop-oop-a-doop
mostly imported belgian chocolates, but those toffee/milk chocolate/nut clusters were amazingly good.
scharffen berger
vosges haut chocolat
la maison du chocolat