jadis composee par l'abstracteur de quinte essence

Beuveurs tresillustres, & vous Verolés tresprecieux (car à vous, non à autres sont dédiés mes escriptz)


quelle crise betsy - the no-talents
the no-talents have some great LPs, but this thing is something else. if you like it rock anthem style. what's this on? i forget.
haters of couch - couch
just like couch, part of this bulb record will detest you and the rest of it will ignore you unless you hurt its feelings. ok, that was stupid.
face like a piranha - prehensile monkey-tailed skink
this is a song on a single with more good songs. don't remember the name, but you should probably buy their first single instead so you can listen to 'i think i love you' over and over again. from bulb.
house rockin' - the gories
i know you fine, but how you doin'? - the gories
outta here - the gories
to me, these are the best records, it's more a question of which is better, when mick sings, or when dan sings?
silky - andre williams
mick collins gets andre williams in the studio and some amazing things come out. this is the best of that lot. all kinds of love are coming out of that throat. on in the red records.
the ramones - the ramones
rocket to russia - the ramones
it's alive - the ramones
these are the other best records ever. don't you listen to them every day? i usually go for it's alive myself.
a hard night's day - new york dolls
cd collection of dolls demos from norton.
all i listened to for months
satan is dead - mr. quintron
is this quintron's best record? i don't know, but i listen to it most. my nephew was a big fan of bug attack until he turned one.
basic math - math
intro cd on bulb to chicago trio including quintron, more percussion, and clarinet. do i know what happened to the other two? no. should i? probably.
girl can't dance - bunker hill
you can find this on norton. it's on a split single with a link wray song, but i would recommend link wray 'missing links 3: some kind of nut' (norton) that has this one, plus bunker hill's amazing 'little red riding hood' and songs by the moon men and more.
the messerschmidt pilot's severed hand - thee headcoats
i'll listen to almost anything by thee headcoats, except don't try listening to that singles compilation too long. this is probably the best of the more recent records.
girlsville - thee headcoatees
here comes cessation - thee headcoatees
sisters of swing - thee headcoatees
everything about thee headcoatees is good to hear. i've been consumed by them since girlsville came out. now you can still hear records from holly golightly and ludella black. not the same, but at least holly's writing new music. i'm not that comfortable about liking it, but i do. a little too adult contemporary or whatever. best, i like her 'paint it on' LP and that song 'believe me' on a double 7" from sympathy for the record industry.
the donnas - the donnas
this one is about as good as you can do with four nervous high school girls playing songs inspired by the ramones and written with supercharger's darrin. some of the best songs ever. i guess some of them are on their super*teem singles, but how many songs do you know that are as good as 'get rid of that girl' and 'last chance dance'? maybe 'everybody's smokin' cheeba'?
supercharger - supercharger
goes way out - supercharger
more of the best songs ever from darrin. i can't get enough of these two works of genius. i even have the first one on cd. no kidding. i first heard 'sooprize package for mr. mineo' on a mummies lp. do you like short songs with shorter guitar solos and names like 'you put the hex on me' and 'you irritate me'? then you probably already listen to these LPs all the time anyway.
see jungle! see jungle! go join your gang, yeah, city all over! go ape crazy! - bow wow wow
kings of the wild frontier - adam & the ants
so you find malcom maclaren extremely irritating, and you think the ants and bow wow wow are the best bands ever? then you are thinking pretty much what i am thinking. i'd rather listen to annabella sing, but there's still some room for adam. especially if he's singing 'press darlings'. my only complaint with 'see jungle! etc.' is that it doesn't have 'what's the time, hey buddy' on it, or 'c30, c60, c90, go!', plus, the bass lines are too hard.
blondie - blondie
x offender is all mine.
eat to the beat - blondie
i had not listened to this for a long time, but my brother gave me a copy, since he already had the cd, and i keep listening to it. after a while, i just wanted to listen to 'atomic'.
shined nickles and loose change - the rondelles (k)
i love the rondelles. why don't they stop by for a visit? six o'clock, the fox, and my favorite, holiday music.
catching up with - the okmoniks
my favorite active band that actually visits san francisco. though it's been a while. gets the kids dancing.
obsessed with you - x-ray spex
cd of tracks from i don't know what
i live off you, my mind is like a plastic bag. best ever and the tracks have more life than their album.
alabama heat - the gossip
thats not what i heard - the gossip
beth ditto is amazing on stage, and her energy comes through on these records.
dragsploitation ... now! - the drags
45x3 - the drags
amazing short fast songs with trademark bass from my favorite bass player of the mid-nineties. 45x3 has a great five-song live set that plays really well all in a row if you're dj*ing and you feel like dancing, with i like to die, anxiety, and more.
grown up wrong - the real kids (norton)
live studio
i'm not a real kids expert, but this is the best record of theirs i've heard.
bulb records
goner records
damaged goods
norton records